Halloween Is Coming!! Are You Ready?

Glow in the dark vinyl is all the rage right now! So many awesome possibilities! I’ve had so much fun stitching out spooky things that I had to share them with you all.

Boo Ghost Applique

Check out this cute ghost applique from our friends over at Cherry Bomb Shoppe. This design was so easy and fun to stitch out. I decided to put this on a towel for my kitchen. He’s going to be super cute hanging on the oven handle. It will be a fun surprise when the lights go out as he GLOWS IN THE DARK!!! Eek so much fun!!

The supplies I used to make this awesome project can be found right here!

I used our Glide Thread Halloween Bundle. This bundle includes 6 different thread colors. I also used Super White Glide for the outline of my ghost. I used a Cutaway Stabilizer on my towel.

For the Ghost I used our White Glow in the Dark Vinyl. We have several colors of our Glow in the Dark in stock. They are available in sheets and rolls.

For the banner I used our Sparkles line to create the pop of color. Our Sparkles line is a sealed glitter canvas. It’s machine washable and holds up to satin stitches. The Sparkles line is my go to for several projects. With over 60 different colors to choose from you’ll surely find a perfect color for any project. Here are the colors I used to make my towel.

When I made my Boo towel, I used a kitchen towel I had on hand, but I’ve since been using these really nice Cotton Craft Towels from Amazon. They are available in a variety of colors and stitch out like a dream. They are soft and wash well, too.

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