Themed Hair Bows

Our Simple Hair Bow is just that. Simple. Only two steps on your embroidery machine creates this AMAZING Hair Bow! I used three different printed vinyls to create three different bows for the upcoming seasons!

Pictured from top to bottom: Santa Stocking Print, Pumpkin Spice Print, and Sweet Treats Print.

I Paired Glistens, Sparkles and Mattes with each print to add an extra pop! I love how they all turned out!

To make the Christmas Stocking bow you will need the following: Santa Stocking Print, Emerald Green Glisten, and Scarlet Glisten .

Pumpkin Spice Bow: Pumpkin Spice Print, Orange Cider Sparkles, and Pumpkin Matte,

Winter Treats Bow: Winter Treats Print, Mercury Rainbow Glisten, and Ice Glisten.

We have multiple sizes of French Barrette clips available to finish off your bow.

Last but not least you can get this Embroidery Design here: Simple Hair Bow Each design comes with an illustrated PDF.

Happy Stitching!